Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010

Prediksi komik Naruto episode 513 (English) "Gaara VS Deidara"

Chapter starts off with Kabuto in the air with Deidara and Deidara's Owl. Kabuto speaks to himself about the situation, whatever he says it confirms he is using Madara for his own goals.

Madara and Zetsu are speaking to each other. Zetsu questions Madara's trust in Kabuto, Madara tells Zetsu that's it's not a matter of trust but more along the lines of him being blackmailed by Kabuto. Zetsu quickly realizes what Madara means. Madara says that in the end this is a business, and like all business people get used and laid off just like Kabuto will be once he serves his purpose.

Gaara has arrived on the Turlte Island and is talking with Naruto and everyone. At this moment Kabuto lands as well. Everyone is shocked at what they see. Yamato quickly questions Kabuto and his motives. Kabuto explains that he has joined up with Madara, and Zetsu. Naruto gets ready to fight, but Gaara steps in. Kabuto chuckles and sends Deidara to fight Gaara. Kabuto ends the chapter off by saying, let's see how the fight turns out this time, and chuckles some more.

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